2014 Writing Round Up Budi Voogt

2014: Writing Roundup

Budi Voogt
February 27th, 2017

With the new year started, I wanted to take the opportunity to round up my writing over 2014, and to update you on what’s been going on – and what’s coming. The last quarter was exciting for us over at Heroic. We released our first album, the debut of Ark Patrol, titled Voyager. A true passion project that took months to make. It was ambitious and a first for us, however we were happy to see it well received. The single ‘Never’ hit #29 in the iTunes charts US.

Writing wise, the year could have been more fruitful. I tackled major topics such as copyright, publishing, streaming and our label’s business model – but in terms of quantity, I’m not satisfied. I need to write more.

2015 will be the year to make this happen. The most productive year to date. Many projects are in the works, including a new updated version of The Soundcloud Bible. More details soon.

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