Can I get a student discount?

Unfortunately we’re not able to make discounts, as we believe that would be unfair to customers who pay the full price for the books. Also, we don’t believe in discounts because we feel that our products are fairly priced.


Where can I find my extra content?

In both the Advanced and Complete Package of the book, you will find a ReadMe PDF in the downloaded zip file.

This contains all the information you need to access the extra content.


I’ve already purchased a previous version of the book. Do I have to buy it again?

If you purchased one of our books, you’re eligible for lifetime updates. Please contact us here with your payment receipt so we can upgrade you.


How can I download the book?

A link to the download will be sent to the email you provided during checkout.

Make sure to download the book on a laptop or desktop computer as it’s in a zip format and can’t be opened on a smartphone or tablet.


Can I upgrade to a higher package?

Yes you can! Contact us here and make sure to include the email you previously used during purchase and your preferred package.


I have a different question.

Need more support? If you did not found an answer, contact us for further help.