Musicians: Work Like a Pro to Become a Pro

Musicians: Work Like a Pro to Become a Pro

Budi Voogt
February 27th, 2017

I‘ve written this post for ReverbNation, who are publishing it as a four part series. One part going live each week. For the past three years I have worked with multiple artists, and observed the following: artists tend to be disorganized. We can probably all agree on that, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, it sure is a reality we need to deal with. It’s occurrence makes sense, as creativity is emotionally fueled and thus tends to flourish in personalities that are more in synch with their feelings. They are often more impulsive, and less structured and unorganized.

Structure and organization is exactly the foundation that’s necessary to allow talented musicians to succeed though. So as an artist manager, the first thing I do when working with a new artists, is lay down that foundation that allows professional work. Because if you work professionally, everything goes smoother and more efficient, increasing your odds at making it big.

In this four-part-series I have laid out simple steps and tips that you can use to streamline your operations and get you working on a professional level. Whether you’re a producer, solo guitar player or five man band, there’s practical information in here for all of you.

We’ll touch on how to create a good team, develop strong and efficient means of communication and set up an administrative backbone. I’ll also introduce you to some gadgets and extras to help up your game. So first, let’s talk about creating a stellar team.

  • Part 1 – Creating a great team – read here.
  • Part 2 – Setting up solid team communications – read here.
  • Part 3 – Streamline your business and administration – read here.
  • Part 4 – Technology tips and gadgets – read here.