Empowering Creators.


When you start out in the music industry, it is like a confusing minefield.

At least, we thought so.

But we were convinced that if we worked hard, we’d be able to make a living doing what we love: music.

Easier said than done. As much as we loved the idea of being in the industry, the only way to find the right path to our goals was to make countless mistakes and learn from them. We had to discover the harsh realities of gatekeepers controlling who released what, and outdated practices of deals benefiting companies instead of artists.

Most starters face the same issues, musicians, managers, everyone. When we began to find our way, we wondered “why isn’t anyone sharing this information online?”. All we could find were industry veterans sharing how things used to work, or wannabe’s sharing how they thought things worked.

Frustrated with other labels, we started Heroic, our label and management agency. We leverage digital (i.e. blogs, YouTube & SoundCloud channels) to get the exposure that other labels weren’t providing us. And we operate ethically; giving artists fair deals, accounting monthly and investing in them. In a nutshell, we Empower Creators (yeah – that’s our slogan).

We also started sharing our experiences to save others from making the same mistakes. Budi launched his book “The SoundCloud Bible“, which is (probably) the most comprehensive guide to digital music marketing in existence. And Tim launched “The Mastering Bible” to do the same for in-the-box mastering.

Our biggest success case is our artist San Holo.

When he joined us he had 2K followers on Soundcloud, never released anything on a label… but his music was damn good.

We released his debut EP on Heroic, and started managing him. That year he grew to 130K Soundcloud followers. Now, he has over 300K, and is touring the world with his music, releasing on any label he wants, and even started his own label bitbird that we help run.

It’s been five years since we started, and while we certainly haven’t “made it” yet (whatever that means), we’re proud to say we’re able to make a living doing what we love, and that we help our artists do the same.

We’ve combined our forces in Heroic Academy to take this to next level.

Education is the way to make our real-world expertise in label management, artist management and audio-engineering accessible to everyone. We’re sharing everything to help you – whether you’re an artist, industry professional or audio-engineer – thrive in this industry.

We’re all about actionable content; how-to guides, books and courses. Things you can immediately put into practice and use to get results. To get started, sign up to our newsletter so you can begin crushing your marketing & business or audio-engineering efforts.


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