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Tim van Doorne and Budi Voogt met in high school. As we graduated and began our university careers, we both had an itch to walk an unconventional path.

In 2011, Tim started an artist project with a dear friend of ours. Budi began managing them. Together, we set out to conquer the music industry. We were hopeful, ambitious and naive.

It didn’t take long before we realized how hard the objective was that we set for ourselves. In spite of our trying, getting the music heard and booking shows was difficult. Our reach and influence was too limited and we weren’t moving the needle.

Luckily we were early on digital downloading and streaming. Most of the music we consumed and artists we knew we found via blogs and SoundCloud. Those platforms provided us with our first wins. Through sheer effort we were able to expose our music to thousands of people – without expending any capital. That’s when the ball began rolling.

Frustrated with other labels, we started our own: Heroic. Today, Heroic is a music management agency that represents San Holo, DROELOE, Unlike Pluto and Taska Black. We help shape and execute our artists’ visions by combining management, distribution and publishing services. We are long-term artist developers. And we operate ethically; providing fair deals, accounting monthly. Our mission is to Empower Creators.

Some successes include San Holo’s record “Light” exceeding 100 million streams on Spotify, him winning an Edison award (Dutch grammy), DROELOE becoming an internationally touring act, Unlike Pluto his YouTube nearly touching 100K subscribers.

During our journey we noticed a lack of practical advice on the fast-changing music industry. Everything was either outdated or made by bystanders real-world expertise. We then decided to share our own experiences, hopefully saving others from making the same mistakes.

We created blogs and soon thereafter products. Budi launched his music marketing guide “The SoundCloud Bible”, which grew from a SoundCloud guide to include the essentials of digital marketing, artist development and copyright. Tim launched “The Mastering Bible”, sharing the mixing and mastering frameworks that he’d developed as an artist.

We joined forces to create Heroic Academy. It’s our mission to provide you with everything you need to thrive in the music business.

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