A year in review, and things to come

Budi Voogt
February 27th, 2017

Wanted to take a moment to review the past year and talk about things coming up — 2013 was a big year for me. The year I launched Heroic Recordings, this blog, and published The Soundcloud Bible. The year that I split with my business partner, and started consolidating all my music entrepreneurship activities under a single brand: Heroic.

The year that I discovered a passion for writing. I’m enjoying it more and more by the day.

Writing a book, getting it out to the world and having people actually buy it, was a huge milestone.

It proved my beliefs that virtually anything is possible, as long as you put in the work.

That’s a valuable lesson: most of our limits are self imposed. Just get out there and do it. Too few people are. And there’s no better moment than now.

And none of this, the book, the blog, the label, would have been possible without the help of amazing people. Nothing great was ever achieved solo.

It’s all about adding and receiving value. But it starts with connecting and giving first. That’s when relationships form. You can reap the fruits later.

So reach out to people that are doing great things, and to whom you could be useful. Say hi and add something to their lives. Then find a way to collaborate. You’ll meet a bunch of like minded people, and easily make friends.

Now, enough with the philosophy. Let’s talk content.

Coming up

At the end of last year I have been interviewed by John Dumas at Entrepreneur On Fire. It’s one of the top ranking business podcasts on iTunes. We talk about my journey, entrepreneurship and life. Tune in here.

Then, coming up, are two huge guest posts.

1) ‘Working like a pro, to become a pro’, outlining how to set up the foundation for a successful career. This is going live at ReverbNation January 13th.

2) ‘Using free downloads to grow your audience’, teaching you how to use content lockers to leverage your free content into much more. Going live at The Unsigned Guide blog shortly.

Next to that, I have started working on creating a video course, and will possibly even launch a video webinar. More info coming up about this shortly.